Generate a higher return on trade spend while improving spend efficiency with AFS™ Trade Promotion Management Retail.

Achieve Effective Trade Spend Management


AFS Trade Promotion Management Retail (TPM Retail) is a closed-loop system that helps you plan, allocate, execute, settle and analyze your trade spend with a robust set of intuitive, easy-to-use capabilities. This solution drives trade dollar visibility across your sales, finance, accounting, supply chain and marketing professionals, providing insight into retailer trends, whether the go-to-market strategy is straightforward or complex.

AFS TPM Retail also helps you to quickly validate the effectiveness and profitability of your trade plans with a comprehensive and cost-effective optimization system that is tightly integrated with Nielsen’s predictive, price and promotion models.


AFS TPM Retail improves outcomes by enabling the underlying business processes that impact trade promotion performance through workflow based activities including:

  • Managing complex go-to-market strategies
  • Defend and win approaches in highly competitive brand and growth categories
  • Improve promotional sell-through, shorter forward buys and effective merchandising
  • Increase loyalty program performance
  • Identify the optimal price point to achieve incremental lift on targeted shelf space
  • Maximize trade at the retail level when working through distributors
  • Streamline deduction and settlement processes
  • Leverage predictive analytics to improve the accuracy of promotion planning

Integrated top-down and bottom-up planning leveraged through a single TPM solution


AFS TPM Retail is purpose-built for the consumer goods industry and has capabilities that are designed to address the challenges in the following segments:

  • Canned foods
  • Cereals and pastas
  • Coffee, Tea, Powdered Beverage
  • General merchandising
  • Household Paper Products
  • Packaged baked goods
  • Packaged dairy including cheese
  • Packaged frozen foods
  • Packaged meats including meats, fish, and seafood,
  • Pet foods
  • Pickles, sauces and salad dressings
  • Refrigerated foods
  • Sales agencies/brokers
  • Shelf Stable Beverage
  • Snacks, cookies and candy


AFS TPM Retail automatically breaks down forecasts, budgets and targets to a granular level using ratios based on last year’s sales. It is also easy-to-use and easy-to-learn with minimal involvement from IT. Regardless of customer complexity, you can go-live in as little as four months, taking advantage of unique functionality, such as:

  • Plan and manage overlapping events—products, customer, geographies and more—to ensure your trade events are profitable and aligned to brand strategy.
  • Monitor promoted product activity so you can optimize price levels for incremental shelf lift.
  • Generate a calendar view of brand and trade activity to understand how one impacts the other.
  • Overlay different data sources, including third-party consumption and deal data, and align them on a daily basis to monitor performance.
  • Improve your trade spend allocation with accurate forecasts that include indirect targets and plans.
  • Ensure alignment to corporate objectives with promotional guardrail functionality broadcast through automated alerts
  • Leverage near real-time data to publish your current trade promotion performance.
  • Visualize sales, spend and profitability for a specific time period—including on a daily basis—in a graphical view.
  • Conduct business reviews supported by analytics that help you identify opportunities/risks along with post-event analysis, without waiting for a lagging report or overnight data refresh.
  • Build ad-hoc reports to compare and contrast data at one or more levels of the data hierarchies.


By integrating AFS TPM Retail with AFS G2, you benefit from deep analytics that generate actionable insights you can use to

  • Increase sales by analyzing sales information using sales, shipment, budget and any other relevant data
  • Improve sales and trade spend utilization by planning and executing promotions more effectively using historical data
  • Ensure effective promotion execution with a clear picture of promotion compliance
  • Reduce trade spend without impacting volume and increase pre-tax earnings/trade spend ROI by leveraging real-time data
  • Reduce overall deduction balances and increase trade promotion ROI by using promotion execution and compliance metrics

If you also use AFS Retail Execution and combine it with TPM Retail and G2, you have the capability to sense and respond to promotional effectiveness and compliance in near real-time. By following this type of closed-loop approach, you are able to modify the in-field promotion to better reflect ground level realities.


AFS TPM Retail improves your bottom line by increasing net sales up to five percent in as little as four months. You also gain additional return on your investment by improving:

  • Trade promotion effectiveness with greater visibility into the most profitable strategies, tactics and accounts.
  • Trade promotion efficiencies quantified by greater promotional sell-through, shorter forward buys and better merchandising support.
  • Budget controls with ongoing monitoring of overspends and under spends, budget objectives and the elements affecting the budget.
  • Accuracy of your deduction and financial management by easily accessing deduction information and linking it to key attributes.